Thoughts on Thanksgiving Weekend

The Troy MRF CX 12" on a Colt 6920

The Troy MRF CX 12″ on a Colt 6920

Belated Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Time, as well as scheduling conflicts and the lack of an internet connection 100% of the time, have prevented me posting this earlier, but as Thanksgiving is now well behind us, and the Christmas holiday draws ever closer, here are some thoughts I have had this week:

  • WATER – I have some of the cleanest water on EARTH available to me every morning when I wake up.    I am so grateful for this.  Unless I am in the field, there is really no reason, while at my current residence, to even filter the tap water (I still do, but in no way need to.)  Clean water is a BIG everyday problem for a lot of the world’s population, and yet here I am, after a hard workout, grabbing crystal clear, super clean water.
  • LOCATION – I found myself grateful for currently residing in the United States of America, as well as being a citizen; having been born here.  There are very few countries in the world that offer the security, and relative peace and quiet, the United States offers while retaining as many rights, and freedoms we have here.  Love it, Love it, Love it.  :)
  • Food – I have a refrigerator and freezer stocked full of food.  I have cabinets full of more than I can eat in months.  If I want to eat something when at my current residence, I have but to reach out my hand and take from my supply.
  • Safety – Unless I knowingly step into danger, my downtime at my current residence is 99.99% safe.  I don’t wake up every morning gathering my belongings into a bag, preparing to flee foreign soldiers.  I don’t have to worry about being hunted down and killed for being this color or that religion.  We have peace here.

Just some odd things that have been on my mind, and that I have been wanting to share with you.  :)

Stay Safe, and stay Grateful, 

-Gúru Chia

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