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Combatting Plateau

Human Beings are amazing.  We are so resilient and strong, and yet at the same time so fragile.  Yet the great thing is that we can build on our strengths and grow out of these weaknesses.  In general, we are adaptable.  Adaptability; one of the reasons we can survive change.  It is definitely on the big “Pros” list of skills when describing a person we know, but adaptability can also have its repercussions on our daily lives.  We tend to get comfortable and may stop progressing.  This is true with almost any Continue reading

Dry-Firing 101

A few A-Zoom snap caps, ready for dry-firing...

A few A-Zoom snap caps, ready for dry-firing…

Ok, we have talked about dry-firing and how it can greatly improve your accuracy.  It, I personally feel, is a greatly neglected form of training, especially for those of us that have the money to spend on lots of training ammo.  The main benefit behind dry-fire practice is not about saving money on ammo, it is about self-critique and learning from your mistakes.  When we fire a live round at a target, there is Continue reading