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The Glock “Upgrade” No One Actually Needs

Glock maritime spring cups and standard spring cups

You may or may not be aware that there are actually two different versions of spring cups available for the firing pin installed in your Glock. One is the type commonly installed on Glocks in the factory and the other is called the “Maritime Spring Cup”. (Part# G3073)

A common misconception is that these cups are designed for Continue reading

Make Your GEN4 Glock Run Like a Glock

Ok, so with the 5th generation of Glock family handguns hopefully around the corner soon (crosses fingers in anticipation) I am writing an article about the 4th gen problems we had, what… early 2011? If I remember correctly, they were mostly Glock 17 models, although some smaller batches of the 19, etc. had been affected by the dreaded original RSA (Recoil Spring Assembly) and a few extractor problems I think. I had hoped that by now all the Gen 4 Glock are running smoothly, and with a little research on the forums I found this, was for the most part, the case. Luckily, my particular specimen of Glock 17 Gen4 was shipped with the updated parts:

Ejector #30274

Ejector #30274

Recoil Spring Assembly (RSA) #042

Recoil Spring Assembly (RSA) #042

Installing these two parts on Gen4 Glock 17 handguns seem to have fixed nearly every case of “Brass on my Face” and “Brass down my Shirt” I have read of. Some owners still had a few issues, but for the most part it looks like the Gen 4 problems were resolved quickly and with lots of free parts being shipped from Glock support here in the USA.

While this is not my primary defensive firearm, and I purchased it years ago mostly for the tests (Some of which I will post in retrospect) I have have complete faith it the design and have only had a handful of stoppages occur, all of which have been either user induced or ammo related.

-Stay Safe,