My New Weapon Lubrication

Gun OIl LPX by MPro7

Gun OIl LPX by M-Pro 7

Similar to CLPs and other multi-use gun products, M-Pro7’s Gun Oil LPX protects your weapon by offering both rust prevention and lubrication in a package that can also be used for cleaning.  LPX is advertised as being gum-resistant and designed to not attract debris as much as other products and to resist evaporating.  I have used it for a about 1 thousand rounds and have enjoyed it.  While it will take a bit longer to get it my full approval, I think I will continue using it with confidence.  It does see to take a longer time to evaporate than say, Remington’s “Rem-Oil”, but like Remington’s product, seems to leave behind a film that facilitates an easy, fast wipe style of clean up.  While not a designated solvent based cleaner I do think it does well for a “all-in-one” product and will continue to use it until I test something I like better.  So stay tuned for an update in another few thousand rounds or so.

To Be Continued….

Stay Safe, 

-Gúru Chia

2 thoughts on “My New Weapon Lubrication

  1. Jackie Lewis

    I use it on my pistol and I put almost two thousand rounds through it before I cleaned it. It ran flawlessly.

    1. Chia Post author

      Thanks for commenting. :) We love it here at Use it on most of our semi-autos (carbines, and a few handguns) as well as our pump-action shotguns. We will keep the site updates as we find products we like better.

      Stay safe, and train like you mean it,

      Guru Chia


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