My favorite “Loaner” holster


BladeTech is a familiar name in the world of competitive handgun shooting, and for good reason; they make some of the most popular quality holsters available.  (For those of you doing some shopping research, Comp-Tac is also a great manufacturer of competition holsters).  I first learned of the BladeTech Revolution paddle holster at an IDPA match I traveled to compete in.  For $34.99, it is a great holster for beginners and I have even seen some experienced shooters keep it in their range bags as a backup for friends (people are alway going to IPDA competitions and forgetting their holsters…).  The holster in injection-moulded, so it offers a little more durability in cold environments and makes a little less noise on the draw when compared to kydex.

BladeTech also sells a combo package for $59.99.  This is the one I purchased for this review.  The combo contains both belt and paddle options for the Revolution holster, a dual magazine carrier, as well as a bright yellow training barrel.  When I first received the package I tested the holster during 600+ draws from concealment, and have used it for several competitions, and countless hours of practice.  I have even loaned it out to other shooters as needed.  The injection moulded material has held up, which is not really a surprise as I hear it is quite a durable material for holster/knife sheath designs.


While I, at first, tossed the yellow barrel in the large pile of gear I have on my “to test later” list, I have recently found it quite useful for martial arts and self-defense training sessions.  The ability to use lifelike gear is invaluable during training, and what is closer, or more dangerous, than using a real firearm?   The ability to safely, reliably, and semi-permanently make the weapon 100% safe for martial art training is great.  I will also note that training barrels of any type are great for classroom instruction as you can pass the weapon around the room for students to inspect while still maintaining peace of mind.

Another quick thing to note is that both the belt and paddle attachments are adjustable for angle.  There is also a belt-width adjustment on the belt attachment.

view of the user-side of holster and the adjustable belt attachment

view of the user-side of holster and the adjustable belt attachment

For more info, feel free to check out BladeTech’s site:

Revolution Combo Package:

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