My current EDC knives…

Cold Steel and Leatherman 300 EDC

Leatherman SuperTool 300 and a Cold Steel Recon 1

Asked time and time again, what knives I am carrying, I decided to make a post about them. While I am constantly switching my gear up, doing tests, and carry quite a number of different folders from time to time, these are my two current choices for everyday carry, and why I carry them… 

Leatherman SuperTool 300

Over the years I have owned several multi-tools and have always felt “under-tooled” in some way while using them for “full-sized” jobs.  While still no substitute for a pair of full-sized pliers and a machete, the SuperTool 300 comes close to providing the same skill-sets in a package you can carry on your hip.  Available in both stainless steel and black oxide/powder coat, I feel this is easily one of the best multi-tools on the market today.  The only tool I wish was available in the SuperTool 300 is scissors.  Leatherman scissors are amazing and I wish they had included them in this particular model; although do so would have added to the weight and size of an already hefty tool.  Another thing to note is that this is one of Leatherman’s “Large” tools, unlike the “Medium” standard sized models.  So keep that in mind in case you had planed to forego the belt sheath and carry this model in your pocket.

Cold Steel Recon 1 GEN2 w/TriAd Lock

I remember seeing Cold Steel ads in the gun magazines of the late 90’s, and thinking to myself “WTF? Why would I want to stab a car door?  Why would I want to cut though a whole bunch of hanging rope like that?”.  They have, at least as far as I know, always advertised there knives as “The World’s Strongest, Sharpest Knives”, and I never believed them, not until the release of their new “Tri-AD” lock.  Before this lock, it seems that they were just another quality, import steel, knife maker, but now I actually believe in their products.  Don’t get me wrong, I still think the chopping car hoods and stabbing meat video advertisements are a little much, but I really think they have something going for them here.  This is one of my favorite folding blade lock designs, and I have either owned and heavily used, borrowed, or at least handled the majority of locking designs out there.  Yes, the Benchmade Axis is fast and strong, and the other designs  are nice too, but for this price point, I think it would be hard to find a stronger lock.

Sista's in Utility

Sista’s in Utility

Together, these two offer strength, durability, and enough features to carry me over till I find a real toolbox, and sometimes that is quite a distance away.

Be safe out there,


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