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Site Maintenance PART 2

We are in the process of uploading and reorganizing all of our old posts from the past two years (the dates are all wrong) so sit tight and stay tuned for more posts on the latest gear!

These new posts will be showcased on our NEW and improved setup, complete with new security enhancements designed to keep the site more secure.  We have made these improvements in order to offer our readers a more streamlined user interface and “smoother” reading experience.

We apologize for the delay in new posts and would like to remind all of you to stay well hydrated as you CONTINUE to train this summer season!

Stay Safe and Train Hard, 

Gúru Chia

Site Maintenance!

As a few of you have already noticed, our website is currently being repaired as we address security concerns I had about the safety of our info on the server running this website.

We apologize for the delay in new posts.

Stay Safe and Train Hard, 

Gúru Chia

“Photo of the Day” at!

"Photo of the Day" over at!

“Photo of the Day” over at!

When I am not training till my hands bleed, I sometimes find time to sit at the computer, between reps in the gym, and hit up some of my favorite blogs and weapon related firearm sites.   One of my favorite is   They have a daily event called “Photo of the Day” ; a great collection of photographs from readers around the world; all surrounding the subjects of guns, and other weaponry.  

I learned today that our photo was chosen!    So thanks you Steve Johnson, and fellow bloggers for choosing our photo!

You can learn more about submitting your photo by clicking here.

Stay Safe,

-Gúru Chia

We are up and running!

It took a while, but several people have encouraged me and offered great support during the process of getting this site up.  All of my content will now be posted to two locations:

My Youtube Channel and this site.   I look forward to sharing some of the techniques and lessons I have experienced during my life and career.

-Stay Safe,