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Back from Training!

A little bit of Spring for this cold Winter...

A little bit of Spring for this cold Winter…

As some of our fans on Facebook have noticed, we have been “out of the office” for just over a month.  This leave of absence has afforded us here at a chance to train without having to worry about being close to a secure computer with a secure internet connection to update the site with.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our readers, though this month was taken at what we consider the best possible time of year: the HOLIDAYS!  😀   Few but the most die-hard are training during the holidays and we realize that it would be a great time of year to focus 100% on our own training.  Readers will be pleased to know that we did dedicate some of this private training time to website-related gear testing, so we did not forget about you guys and gals completely.  😉

Stay tuned for another gear year of Tactical Tips, Gear Reviews, and Philosophical insights into training as well as general ramblings on life and the human condition.  ;D

Stay Safe, and “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Holidays”, and “Happy New Year” from the team at   :) 

-Gúru Chia

Thoughts on Thanksgiving Weekend

The Troy MRF CX 12" on a Colt 6920

The Troy MRF CX 12″ on a Colt 6920

Belated Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Time, as well as scheduling conflicts and the lack of an internet connection 100% of the time, have prevented me posting this earlier, but as Thanksgiving is now well behind us, and the Christmas holiday draws ever closer, here are some thoughts I have had this week:

  • WATER – I have some of the cleanest water on EARTH available to me every morning when I wake up.    I am so grateful for this.  Unless I am in the field, there is really no reason, while at my current residence, to even filter the tap water (I still do, but in no way need to.)  Clean water is a BIG everyday problem for a lot of the world’s population, and yet here I am, after a hard workout, grabbing crystal clear, super clean water.
  • LOCATION – I found myself grateful for currently residing in the United States of America, as well as being a citizen; having been born here.  There are very few countries in the world that offer the security, and relative peace and quiet, the United States offers while retaining as many rights, and freedoms we have here.  Love it, Love it, Love it.  :)
  • Food – I have a refrigerator and freezer stocked full of food.  I have cabinets full of more than I can eat in months.  If I want to eat something when at my current residence, I have but to reach out my hand and take from my supply.
  • Safety – Unless I knowingly step into danger, my downtime at my current residence is 99.99% safe.  I don’t wake up every morning gathering my belongings into a bag, preparing to flee foreign soldiers.  I don’t have to worry about being hunted down and killed for being this color or that religion.  We have peace here.

Just some odd things that have been on my mind, and that I have been wanting to share with you.  :)

Stay Safe, and stay Grateful, 

-Gúru Chia

Fear of Equipment Modification

Magpul MOE hardware subjected to a custom stippling job here at

Like tattoos and piercings, the permanent modifications available to weapon systems require careful consideration.  Whether it be custom stippling grips, a backyard JB-Weld mod, or a professionally pinned comp on a 14.5″ barrel (bringing it to a multi-state legal 16″) there are some things we do to our guns that just can not (easily) be reversed.  We have done enough mods to weapons in our time, so here are some tips to consider while making these decisions and some lessons we have learned along the way… Continue reading

How often should you train??

The answer is probably obvious:

As often as you can!

My goal every morning I wake up is to improve myself by becoming a better person.   One of the ways I do that during the day is becoming a better marksman and improve my gun handling skills.  My schedule does not allow me to visit the range as often as I would like, but I do still train every day.  Training is a way of life, and this is just one example:

UFC Fighter Ronda Rousey was recently interviewed about her day-to-day training regimen.  As the cameraman followed her throughout her apartment he bumped into dozens of little tennis balls suspended from the ceiling with string.  Any time Ronda left one room and walked to another on her way to get a glass of water from the kitchen, or take a walk outside, she would bob-and-weave and work her way through and around these tennis balls as if they were opponents; protecting her head, dodging, and striking at them each in turn.  The reason she is such an amazing fighter has little to do with genetics, or gifts from the MMA gods!   It has to do with her strong drive to be a successful fighter; her persistence in training and her tireless efforts to improve herself in any and every way.  She is committed to success in her endeavors and acts like it!

So, while we may not be able to visit the range, or in Ronda’s case the gym, every single day, there are hundreds of steps we can implement into our daily lives to become better shooters, and here are just a few:

  • Dry fire, Dry fire, Dry Fire!!!  This is the #1 thing that I feel people can do more of.  Even experienced shooters will benefit by adding a few minutes of dry firing to their training plan.
  • Focus on improving yourself, not your gear.   As stated a few posts ago, we can improve our gear to the point that it is the best in the world, but where does that leave us??  Without any money for ammo thats what!   :)
  • Stay Focused on your goals for yourself (more on that later)
  • Dry fire, Dry fire, Dry fire!!!!  I recently had the opportunity to coach a young shooter new to IDPA.  He would compete in his club’s monthly IDPA match, as well as practice at the range one day before the match.  Besides that, the only other training he would do was safely dry fire his chosen IDPA Stock Service Pistol handgun every night before he went to sleep.  The rate of his skill improvement was amazing.  Within months he was regularly beating seasoned competitors at local and regional matches; shooters that, mind you, were previously complaining that ammo costs were rising and that they “could not afford to train anymore”…    0-o    This kid went on to win High Junior at a large Regional match and will probably continue to improve until he gets sponsorships enough to afford real ammo.  His secret?  You got it!:  Dry Firing.

So get out there, or rather stay inside if you want, and start dryfiring!

Stay Safe,

-Gúru Chia