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Fear of Equipment Modification

Magpul MOE hardware subjected to a custom stippling job here at

Like tattoos and piercings, the permanent modifications available to weapon systems require careful consideration.  Whether it be custom stippling grips, a backyard JB-Weld mod, or a professionally pinned comp on a 14.5″ barrel (bringing it to a multi-state legal 16″) there are some things we do to our guns that just can not (easily) be reversed.  We have done enough mods to weapons in our time, so here are some tips to consider while making these decisions and some lessons we have learned along the way… Continue reading

Troy MRF Rail Review PART 2: Installation

The Troy MRF CX 12" on a Colt 6920

The Troy MRF CX 12″ on a Colt 6920

In PART 1 we talked a little about our rail of choice for this project, and why features like “Anti-Rotation” tabs are necessary on weapon systems that we stake our lives on.  We received a brand new Troy MRF CX 12″ in the mail and, after reading the directions, began the installation process.   (Like we need directions…)     😀

Like we stated in part one, the Troy MRF we received is a two piece rail with a monolithic upper appearance (it fills the gap between rail and upper with material, in this case aircraft grade aluminum and rail).  This particular rail required me removing the Delta Ring, Weld Spring, and front sling loop and a little from the sides of the bayonet lug to provide a truly 100% free-float from the barrel nut forward.

Step 1. Prep

Saftey!!!!!   We double, tripple checked (Visually and Physically!) that the rifle was unloaded.  I also recommend removing the bolt from the upper to further reduce Continue reading

Troy MRF Rail Review PART 1: Overview

The Troy MRF

The Troy MRF

The Troy MRF Rail System:

Troy has always been a company I know that I can turn to for a quality product.  Yes, there are other great companies out there, but I feel Troy is among the better ones in regards to the build quality present in every product they make.  Their rear BUIS (Back-Up Iron Sight) is known throughout the world as one of the toughest folding sights in existence next to KAC and a few others.  So here are some thoughts on one of the rail systems they have to offer.   Continue reading

My New Weapon Lubrication

Gun OIl LPX by MPro7

Gun OIl LPX by M-Pro 7

Similar to CLPs and other multi-use gun products, M-Pro7’s Gun Oil LPX protects your weapon by offering both rust prevention and lubrication in a package that can also be used for cleaning.  LPX is advertised as being gum-resistant and designed to Continue reading