BCM’s Gunfighter MOD 3 pistol grip

There are few things that feel worse to me than the standard A2 style pistol grip on the AR-15.  It is squarish, to steep of an angle, and just funky…

Enter the “Gunfighter”.   While our friends at BravoCompanyManufacturing may have an interesting flare when choosing product names, I will say that they make one hell of a product. Every piece of kit that bears their name (BCM for short) is of such a high quality, I find myself braggin around, letting people test it, and visiting their store front, in anticipation of new releases.  The Gunfighter MOD 3 (In Foliage Green) was one of the first carbine pistol grips I considered adding to every AR-15 I purchase in the future.  For $17 (there are other versions available at different prices) I feel it is a great value and offers a much needed upgrade for shooters that still have the A2 style grip installed.


the perfect carbine grip…

Besides the palm filling swell of the sides, and the nice high grip beavertail tang type design, but favorite feature has to be the angle.  Bravo Company took a more “straight down to the ground” approach with this grip and it its bottom is not angled back towards the user like so many other on the market.  This allows for a more natural positioning of the wrist when shooting.  I will also add that the semi-watertight area at the bottom is a great space for small parts and extra batteries.  This is just one of several designs and options available from BCM, and I would suggest a little research before purchase, as each design may fit your needs in a different way.

Mod 3 option:


All Options:


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