Book Review: “The Modern Day Gunslinger” by Don Mann (U.S. Navy Seal)

Training Handbook, Ice Breaker, Knife Armor, Paper Weight...

Training Handbook, Ice Breaker, Knife Armor, Paper Weight…

Although we here at prefer actual physical, quality, out in the rain, classes to anything the “Training Media” sector has to offer, this is one book we had to mention.  Again, while DVDs (like Magpul’s excellent “Art of the Dynamic Handgun”) are more life-like and provide a more current instruction delivery style (technology wise) there is still a place for well written, physically paper bound, training material.  U.S. Navy Seal Don Mann does an excellent job providing the reader with the building blocks necessary to become proficient with the handgun (the subject weapon system of the book).  Covering everything from basic reloads, to advanced one-handed operation, “The Modern Day Gunslinger” content page breaks down like this:

  • Weapons and Range Safety
  • Dry Fire
  • Use of Force
  • Living in a Battlefield
  • Combat Mindset
  • Shooting Competence
  • Handguns
  • Defensive Handgun Ammunition
  • Marksmanship
  • Stance
  • Basic Kneeling Positions
  • Ready Positions
  • The Draw Strokes
  • Grip and Trigger Control
  • Visual Techniques and Sight Alignment
  • Multiple Shots
  • Follow-Through and Scan
  • Loading, Reloading, and Unloading
  • Malfunctions
  • Low- and No-Light Shooting
  • Concealed Carry and Holsters
  • Learning Styles
  • Training Fundamentals
  • Shooting Drills

This is a lot to cover in a 420 page manual, but Mann does it in a concise, organized, and well presented way.  Each chapter breaks down further, into several sub-sections, further organizing an already excellent collection of techniques, tips, and drills.  The photography, while black and white and sometimes not as clear as and their photography, still provides us a clear explanation of the technique or movement in question.  Available from for $11.99, I feel that it is a great value, and would be an excellent purchase or gift a shooters of any level.

Stay Safe, and Live, Learn, Love, and train like you mean it, 

-Gúru Chia

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