Back from Training!

A little bit of Spring for this cold Winter...

A little bit of Spring for this cold Winter…

As some of our fans on Facebook have noticed, we have been “out of the office” for just over a month.  This leave of absence has afforded us here at a chance to train without having to worry about being close to a secure computer with a secure internet connection to update the site with.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our readers, though this month was taken at what we consider the best possible time of year: the HOLIDAYS!  😀   Few but the most die-hard are training during the holidays and we realize that it would be a great time of year to focus 100% on our own training.  Readers will be pleased to know that we did dedicate some of this private training time to website-related gear testing, so we did not forget about you guys and gals completely.  😉

Stay tuned for another gear year of Tactical Tips, Gear Reviews, and Philosophical insights into training as well as general ramblings on life and the human condition.  ;D

Stay Safe, and “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Holidays”, and “Happy New Year” from the team at   :) 

-Gúru Chia

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