Above all, this site is dedicated to the modern firearms community and the safe, responsible and effective use of firearms.   We also review relevant gear and equipment.  We are here to help us all become safer, smarter, more informed, faster and more accurate.

As for who I am, and what my background is, I am not presently revealing this, and I feel my reasons are eloquently explained with a few words from Instructor Zero; words by someone I admire as a fellow gun handler, and someone whose skills you have already witness, or need to witness, on YouTube, or at his classes:

  • “I am Instructor Zero.  I have a real name.  I am a real person.  The details of my past are for me and for those who shared it with me.  Out of respect for my brothers that “have worked” with me, it shall remain that way.  If you cannot respect that, and if you need more to accept me as an instructor, please find another instructor.  I want to be validated by what I can do… not by what I have done.  With my respect… Instructor #zero”  

I find that the higher up you go on the training ladder, the more the quality of the training matters, and the less you worry about the resume of the person you are learning from.

With that said, if you can accept an anonymous online Guru, and learn from me, I am here to help us all become safer, faster and more accurate.

We all learn differently so I try to present this info in a way we can all digest it.   I am open to any and all comments, so please feel free to chime in, ask questions and argue about the little things like whether or not striker fired pistols can reliably ignite NATO primers, or the proper placement of gear on our vests, or the right way to do a Tac Reload… (removing mag with side of support hand’s index finger and the thumb is the way I personally train.)

I feel blessed/lucky to have been born in the United States of America.  I love my country, and stand behind it 110%.

-Stay Safe,

Gúru Chia








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