4 Year Sunglasses Update: The Wiley X “Brick”

My favorite eye-pro...

My favorite eye-pro…

The Importance of Eye Protection

Eye protection, (and of any type, and not just this particular brand) is one of the most essential pieces of kit we can carry.  Besides a well placed bullet or explosion next to ourselves, nothing can take us out of the fight faster than eyefuls of debris.  Whether it was sand or sawdust we have all been there, and we have all experienced the pain, and the tears, and the moment of realizing that we are not operating to our fullest potential.  Wearing eye protection, has saved my vision on numerous occasions.  Just one example??  I once fell face first into a pile of items and the eye protection I was wearing saved my left eye from a piece of rebar running through it.   0-o

With that, we enter the Wiley X Brick.

Next to Oakleys and a few other names, Wiley X has risen to the top in professional level tactical eyewear.  With styles and selections to suit any need and any head/face size, I am sure you will easily find a pair to suit you.  During my research I found that, at least 4 years ago, the prices on Wiley X branded eye pro was comparible, and sometimes cheaper than their competitors.  With their “Unbreakable TR 90” frames (I broke one but we’ll get into that more later), the scratch resistant hardcoats, and the shatter resistant polycarbonate lenses, I feel well protected at home or at the range.  But the feature that drew me to this particular brand the most was the “Facial Cavity Seal”; a removable “Ultra Foam” seal that can be installed on the insides of the lens frames creating, in a sense, goggles.  This feature is simply amazing, and only utilizes two small notches on the inside of each side of the frame near the hinges, turning a seemingly normal pair of tactical eye pro into a versatile a dual role fulfilling miracle.  It is hard not to get excited about these 4 year old glasses every time I use this seal feature.  Yes, they don’t seal quite as well as full goggles, but they sure seal out the debris a hell of a lot better than using them without the seal, aka normal sunglasses.

The Bricks with Removable Straps and Face Seal

The Bricks with Removable Straps and Face Seal

Wiley X also has excellent customer support; we are getting back to those broken frames.  Taking these out of my pocket one day (not a recommended storage area since they got stuck), I managed to bend one of the strait “arms” on one side of the frames (arms or legs; I don’t know which one would better describe the logo-ed area of the frames). Anyway, while bending them back, I noticed that underneath the rubber there was play in the nylon frame.   They were still usable, especially when using the elastic straps, and would stay on your head just fine, but I had weakened the nylon and decided to contact Wiley X to buy a replacement piece.  The customer service rep was friendly, fast, and helpful, and after providing her with my shipping address, she shipped me a new pair of legs for free, even when not knowing I did reviews or anything; genuine customer service.

So, the next time you are looking for a new pair of eye pro for yourself or a loved one, remember to check out Wiley X.

Stay Safe, and wear your EYE PROTECTION!!!!   :) 

-Gúru Chia


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